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We at Forst and Technik Anröchte see us as a manufacturer for the production of professional trailers. Individuality combined with high flexibility enables us to meet the demands of our customers.

The G-HTW trailers were developed for every use by forest farmers and forest companies.

The many years of experience of forest companies and their ideas have been considered by us in the design and construction.

Forst- und Technik G-HTW trailers are suitable for any application under the harshest conditions and can be specially adapted to specific requirements.

Quality features of the G-HTW backhoe are e.g. the robust 200 or 300 central frame made of torsion-resistant steel.

In order to get to work and operational areas quickly, the G-HTW trailers are delivered with road approval.

On request, the G-HTW trailer can also be approved at 40 km / h.

The acceptance by a technical inspection body and its verification of our calculations, the drawbar frame construction, brake system with test certificate, are state of the art and safety regulations.


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